Happy birthday, Google’Sweet 16′ happy happy birthday!!!,-)

Happy birthday, Google:  Animated Google Doodle Celebrates 'Sweet 16' Birthday
D Sharon Pruitt

Have you heard the big news? According to a Sept. 26 report from The Independent, today celebrates a very special birthday. Today the world celebrates a product that has impacted the lives of people across the globe and has changed the face of the Internet. Sept. 27, 2014, is Google’s official birthday and you are all invited to the party!

This year, the search engine is celebrating its “Sweet 16th” birthday bash with a very specialGoogle Doodle on its homepage. Google is known for its clever and unique doodles and this one is no different. This animated doodle features the famous Google logo front-and-center on its main page. The grown-up letter “G”, wearing a festive party hat, measures the other letters and marks their height with a pencil on the virtual wall. At first glance, the red “O” appears to be oh so proud it has grown so much over the past 16 years, just to find out that pesky green “L” is in fact, taller. Oh no!

Google’s famous Doodles have been featured on Google’s homepage for years, honoring all sorts of special occasions, events, anniversaries, births and deaths. While the first Doodles were pretty plain and simple, today’s Doodles are creative masterpieces created by a team of engineers and talented doodlers. There have been oodles of Doodles over the years. In fact, more than 1,000 Doodles have graced the search engine’s homepage.

One of the best Google Doodle’s honored the 30th anniversary of one of the most beloved arcade games – Pac-Man. Users could play an actual game of Pac-Man, with sound and all, by visiting Google’s homepage! Be sure to check it out – you can still play it today!

Two Stanford grad students, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, created a search engine in the late 1990s that would one day become the number one search engine in the world. According to The Economist, the company is worth $400 billion today. Happy birthday, Google!!!,-)


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